Russian Ambassador to Ankara Yerhov: Our countries need each other


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In an interview with Russian Zvezda television, Ambassador Aleksey Yerhov referred to threats and insults directed at him and Russia. Yerhov warned that outraged rhetoric could lead to threats to the entire structure of Turkish-Russian relations and said, ‘The two countries need each other.’

Referring to the threats and insults directed against him and Russia continuously, Russian Ambassador to Ankara Yerhov warned that the atmosphere created by such discourses that provoke feelings of anger, hatred and enmity may threaten the whole structure of Turkish-Russian relations. Yerhov stressed that the two countries need each other.

Aleksey Yerhov Russia’s Ambassador to Ankara, told the Russian Zvezda television in Turkey itself, and posed a threat to Russia constantly insulted and touched on:

‘We will build skyscrapers from the skulls of your soldiers’

“We have talked enough about threats before, and even published the most disgusting ones. There are expressions such as “We will erect skyscrapers from the skulls of your soldiers” and “You will pay a price for every drop of blood” among the most frosts last night and this morning. However, we feel that the media field related to Russia’s foreign representative offices and the security issue around Russia in general has been cleared recently. I think this is the result of public interest in the subject. We are grateful to those who have done this, this is important. ”

‘The target of the threats is not the embassy or ambassador, but Russia and everyone who represents it’

However, Yerhov said that it is not possible to take such threats seriously, because in this case the whole state is at stake.

“Some will say that they will pour out people and continue on the road, and some will say that it is democracy. It is not possible to disagree with this. At the same time, such actions are unacceptable, because it is not the embassy or the ambassador, but Russia and everyone who represents it. ”

‘The writers may not be fully aware that the chain reaction of anger and hate has begun’

Stating that he was not too worried about himself because he was well protected, Yerhov also thanked the Turkish authorities for the protection he provided:

“Why are threats unacceptable? Because threats to Russia are spontaneous factors of radicalization of public feelings, because they are read and perceived. The writers may not be fully aware that the chain reaction of xenophobia, anger and hatred, which may find manifestation in practice, begins. Many experts remember that the information and propaganda environment that emerged in the last few days reminds us of the situation five years ago, and we also remember how it ended. ”

‘It may lead to threatening the whole structure of Turkish-Russian relations’

Russian diplomats, who live permanently in the protection of all foreign missions working in Russia and Turkey is not possible because of the isolation of the citizens of Russia, emphasized that it is very important happening:

“In these matters, extreme attention and extreme diligence is required. Anger and hatred and hostility should not be provoked among peoples. Such an atmosphere can cause the entire structure of Turkish-Russian relations to be threatened, and this is a very large and important mutual bonding system that has been carefully established with the efforts of tens of thousands of people, starting from our presidents, who have made significant personal contributions to the development of bilateral relations. There are significant successes and potentials for their development. Our countries need each other, our countries are mutually interested, and we must maintain and increase this potential. ”

Earlier the Russian Foreign Ministry, Turkey’s Russian diplomatic staff of the Moscow tourists in the country and announced that he hoped to help in ensuring the security. Stressing that the situation is related to all Russian citizens, the ministry stressed that the situation in the security area has been carefully observed and its relevant proposals are constantly updated.


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