Russian Ambassador: The armed American presence in Syria impedes the dialogue between Damascus and the Kurds


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The Russian ambassador to Syria, Alexander Yevimov, declared that the armed American presence on the eastern coast of the Euphrates and the al-Tanf region hinders dialogue between Syria and the Kurds, and that dialogue cannot lead to positive results under the current circumstances.

Yevimov said in an interview with “Sputnik”: “Concerning the Kurds specifically, there are subtle differences, that the idea of ​​dialogue with them, as far as we can understand it, is not rejected by the leadership of the country, in the end they are Syrians. However, there is an influence of the external factor First and foremost, it is the Americans, who, despite all previous statements from Washington, and the rules and principles of international law, still maintain their armed and illegal presence on the east coast of the Euphrates, as well as the area of ​​Al-Tanf.

The Russian ambassador emphasized that “the dialogue between Damascus and the Kurds continues in one way or another, but does not lead to positive results under the current circumstances. We proceed from the belief that things will improve if Syrian sovereignty over the Syrian northeast and the Euphrates is restored, and the complete withdrawal of foreign forces from there “.

In a related context, an informed Syrian source denied the possibility of joint action against the “Kurdish People’s Protection Units”, stressing that the recent (Russian-Syrian-Turkish) tripartite talks were confined to the Turkish withdrawal from all Syrian lands.


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