Russia will continue to “support” Venezuela despite US sanctions


Sputnik World

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russia will continue to support Venezuela despite the imposition of the new sanctions by the US, said the chairman of the Foreign Committee of the Russian Senate, Konstantin Kosachov.

On February 18, the US announced sanctions against the Russian company Rosneft Trading S.A., based in Switzerland, and its chief Didier Casimiro, accusing that Rosneft subsidiary of handling Venezuela’s oil exports to avoid US sanctions.

“Of course, we will not obey and support Venezuela,” Kosachov said in commenting on the situation.

Regarding the US allegations against the president of the Latin American country, Nicol├ís Maduro, the Russian senator said that “he can make mistakes, but it is not a reason for external economic aggression.”
Kosachov also said that, in his opinion, the US sanctioned the Rosneft subsidiary for “preventing US interference in the affairs of another State.”

In this context, he described the US as “a global thug who uses his economic power hard to fulfill his political interests.”


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