Rouhani: Iran is ready to work with the EU to resolve issues


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The Iranian president believes that if the other side returns to its commitments, Iran will also return to its commitments in Brigham.

At a meeting with EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell, the Iranian President stressed: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is still ready to engage and cooperate with the European Union to resolve issues and whenever the other Fulfill its obligations, Iran will also return.

Rouhani said he hoped to see relations develop with new EU foreign policy efforts. Unfortunately, the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the agreement created many obstacles and difficulties for the other parties to fully implement. Iran remains committed to the IAEA’s oversight, and the monitoring process will continue as it is today, unless new conditions arise.

The Iranian president said in the end about the wrong US policy: They have made many strategic mistakes so far in the region, including Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan.

Over the past year, tensions between Iran and the United States have increased significantly, and in addition to intensifying sanctions on Iran, US officials have also imposed severe sanctions on key sectors of the economy. Washington declares its intention to impose sanctions to change the behavior of the Islamic Republic. The US has forced Iranian oil buyers to stop buying oil from Iran through secondary sanctions. Following the intensification of the US government’s anti-Iranian stances and Europe’s failure to deliver on its promises and commitments, the Supreme National Security Council of Iran issued a statement addressing the member states on the occasion of the anniversary of the US withdrawal from Iran, in order to safeguard security and The national interests of the Iranian people, and in the exercise of their rights under Articles 26 and 36 of the Brjam, halt some of their actions in the Brjam Agreement.


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