Rotterdam wants to accommodate fewer low-skilled status holders


Rotterdam wants the Central Agency for Asylum Seekers (COA) to select more people with a higher education for reception in the city and fewer ‘below average promising’ refugees who have been granted status.

Alderman Wijbenga writes in a letter to the integration committee that he has asked the COA and the State Secretary for Justice and Security to discuss this wish.

That conversation with COA has already been. The organization has said to look again at the screening profiles when assigning status holders to the shelter in Rotterdam. The conversation with the state secretary still has to take place.

Status holders are people who have been entitled to a stay in the Netherlands and are allowed to build a life in Rotterdam. As far as the alderman is concerned, Rotterdam will get more highly educated and fewer less educated.

Last month, alderman Wijbenga incited the anger of many political parties in Rotterdam, when he had said in the newspaper that he wanted to receive a maximum number of status holders every year.

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