Ronaldo makes Juventus one of the clubs 100 million euros


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Juventus, the Italian club, announced today, Thursday, the extension of its contract with the sponsor company Allianz for its cans until 2030.

This came in a statement published by the club on the official website, in which he said that the presence of Cristiano has the biggest reason for this contract.

Allianz will appear on the club’s name and players ’shirts, for the next ten years. Juventus will receive 10.3 million a year for a total of 103.1 million euros during this period.

The strong impact of Cristiano was confirmed after all the Italian club sponsors renewed their contract with the Bianconeri after the five-time Golden Ball winner reached the team on July 10, 2018, until the German Adidas company extended, although Ronaldo contract with the American company Nike until 2026 .

Jeep Motors was among the sponsors who increased the contract value from 17 million euros to 42 million euros per season.

And Ronaldo is the most person who has followers on the social networking site “Instagram”, which caused the Juve to sign all these sponsorship contracts, as the club’s value increased significantly, after Ronaldo’s name was printed on the Juve shirt, which made the Juve exceed the 100 million euro mark, like Real Madrid. And Barcelona.


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