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Cut rice, wheat, and kerosene with lateral ration cards; Action has been initiated against ration shops

Thrissur: Civil Supplies Department has initiated action against ration shop owners who cut rice, kerosene and wheat in the name of late ration card holders. The license of each shop has been suspended in Chalakkudy and Piravom. Notices were issued to 22 shops in Chalakkudy alone. State-wide probe may be announced for rationing, rationing, and smuggling into the black market. Those who received the notice four years ago have also received grains from the cardholder who died four years ago without informing the supply office.

Palakkad News

Some ration lenders cut the e-pose machine in the form of a manual transaxle when the cardholder dies in the homes where only one person lives. According to the Civil Supplies Department, there are about 1,000 dead in every district. Their cards are owned by the shopkeepers. In the name of AY and BPL card holders, the scam is more frequent.

Every month, the AVY cardholder receives 35kg of rice, 5kg of wheat, half a liter of kerosene and one kilogram of sugar free. BPL cardholders will get a ration share for a modest price. In the event of death of the cardholder, it was found that the ration share was manually hit by the card holders using their cards. The Civil Supplies Department still does not have an accurate estimate of whether the cardholder is still alive in one-off homes.

2000 kg of rice with only two cards!

Piravatte ration shop owner 2 who had his license suspended for rationing in the name of the deceased has hit only two cards with 2000g of rice. The rationing inspector found two AV cards from the shop’s desk. Using these cards, it was found that manually cut 2000 kg of rice, 175 kg of wheat, 35 liters of kerosene and 16 kg of sugar. The license was suspended citing this as a serious defect.


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