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Saudi Arabia .Radyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital, is changing. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has ordered the development and interconnection of all major roads in the city to make Riyadh a transit hub in the Middle East. The “Riyadh Green Project” also changed the face of the city.

It aims to effectively connect different parts of the capital city and make Riyadh a central hub of the Middle East in providing sustainable transport and logistics services. The project also aims to improve its leading position among the world’s major cities.

A total of 400 km of roads will be developed, new roads will be built and the roads will be interconnected. As part of the project, the highway will connect different parts of the capital. Further, the aim of the project is to increase speed limits and reduce travel time on major roads. In the first phase of the Riyadh Green Project, which will change the face of the city, 31,000 trees were planted along 144 km of the city’s main roads.

As part of the Green Plan, 48 large parks will be built in Riyadh and 3,250 smaller parks will be built in residential areas. The project aims to enhance Riyadh’s position in the economic, urban and tourism sectors and make it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and visitors.

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