“Revitalize the strategic relationship”: Argentina and Russia fully resume their relations


Revitalize the strategic relationship between Buenos Aires and Moscow after four years of a virtually frozen link. This is the mission of the future ambassador to Russia, Alicia Castro, as it transpired from the meeting she held this week with Argentine Foreign Minister Felipe Solá.

“With Russia we have a comprehensive strategic partnership that is a commitment to work together in the coming years. The experience and coherent militancy of Alicia Castro, future ambassador, will be a guarantee for the strengthening of the bilateral relationship,” wrote on his twitter account the head of Argentine diplomacy, who would visit Moscow next October on the occasion of the 135th anniversary of bilateral relations.
Citing “sources close to the chancellor”, the Argentine agency Télam maintains that “Solá’s trip could become a first step for an” eventual visit “of President Alberto Fernández himself.”
Asked about the issue by Radio Sputnik, Argentine geopolitical analyst Carlos Andrés Ortiz said that for his country “it is essential to have strong strategic relations with Russia again”, as well as with China.

“They are two very important powers with which we have no conflictive relationship,” he said, noting that, on the contrary, there are tensions with the Anglo-Saxon powers.

In particular, he accused the United Kingdom of having “usurped” Argentine island territories such as the Falkland Islands, among other traps that the South American nation does not stop tending.
In this context, he described as “very valuable” the “very consistent various supports that Russia has long given to the well-founded Argentine claims about sovereignty in the island territories and in Antarctica.”

“Our economies have good complementarity and we know that there were important offers, not only of Russian investments in Argentina, but also of financing for infrastructure that have strategic value in the energy and railways sector,” said Carlos Andrés Ortiz, who expressed his hope for that the Russian offer be chosen in “the necessary retrofitting” of the Argentine Armed Forces that “are practically scrapped today.”


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