Reprimanded and fired by the school’s deputy for beating a student


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The Education Ministry of East Azerbaijan announced that a person who had beaten a student had been fired and fired on the basis of an abusive vote.

Jafar Pashaie, general manager of education in East Azerbaijan, said: “Someone who beat a student was reprimanded and fired,” Sputnik reported.

Earlier news of the beating of a teenage student was released by a teaching assistant at a school in Tabriz, which sparked media sensitivity and public opinion and fortunately saw a swift response from education officials in the province.

“In less than 24 hours, this matter has been investigated and dealt with violently,” he said, noting that the general administration is particularly sensitive to such abuses and behaviors.

He emphasized: The subject of beatings or any kind of corporal punishment for any reason and in different ways has been violated and this discussion has been repeatedly emphasized in various sessions and repeatedly circulated to educational and training centers in the province and in no way Such issues are unacceptable.


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