Representative of the Palestinian President: We welcome Lavrov’s proposal and we will continue fighting against the “Deal of the Century”


Nabil Shaath, the official representative of the Palestinian President, stressed that the implementation of the “deal of the century” is very difficult, and that all Palestinians reject it and will continue to fight against this deal.

In a meeting with “Sputnik” agency on the sidelines of the Valdai Forum for Dialogue, Shaath stated that the de facto matter that can be touched is the Israeli-backed Israeli military occupation and not the “deal of the century”. He continued: “The problem is the Israeli occupation, but the deal of the century is rejected by any Condition. ”

Nabil Shaath indicated that the Palestinians will continue to unify the Palestinian ranks to face the deal of the century, and stressed: “We will go to democratic elections linking the people and the Palestinian Authority, and we will move Arably to affirm the Arab boycott of Israel, and we move internationally to punish Israel when it violates international law, and to reject the deal of the century.”

On the subject of boycotting the United States and Israel, the Special Representative for Mahmoud Abbas stated that President Mahmoud Abbas said that if they started implementing the draft deal of the century, we have no choice but to boycott the United States and Israel, and added: “Until this is done we are fighting politically at the League of Arab States and The Islamic Conference and in other international platforms, and our international movement is to avoid reaching a complete break, and to avoid violence so that we can reach a negotiating track based on international law and the signed agreements.

Shaath welcomed the statements of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about the Palestinian negotiations through the Quartet, and said: This proposal is very good and is consistent with what President Abu Mazen said in his speech at the Security Council.

On the Palestinian division and the emergence of signs to bridge the gap between the Palestinians, the Special Representative of the Palestinian President spoke and said: “With all the difficulties there is a complete Palestinian unification against the deal of the century, and I challenge that there be one Palestinian voice who said yes to the deal of the century.”

He continued: “At least this position brings us together, but we still need a mechanism that enables the Palestinian president to go to Gaza and complete the issue of national unity.”

The representative of President Mahmoud Abbas noted that there are several Arab countries that had a role in the deal of the century, but added: “The four or five Arab countries went to the Cairo conference and voted that they support the decision rejecting the century deal, and that they are recruiting themselves to the side of the Palestinian Authority in fighting the century deal .

Shaath affirmed that the Arab League provides financial support and political support to the Palestinians, and he explains this by saying: The Arab League represents the members under it, and it represents the international movement and from these countries, especially the Gulf states pays money to the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA, which America has tried to eliminate through Trump projects .

Regarding normalization between some Arab countries with Israel, Shaath said: But even those who started normalizing with Israel, when he found the grandfather and put the decision on the table about rejecting the deal of the century, voted unanimously in favor of rejecting this decision.


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