Remember Bencho Benchev with Rolls Royce? Here is what happens to him


Burgas District Court Releases Municipal Advisor and Businessman Bencho Benchev To Travel To Istanbul.

There he will treat his parkinson’s and other accompanying diseases. The magistrates accepted Benchev’s lawyers’ request that the ban imposed on him so far to go outside the country be lifted.

Benchev will be able to stay abroad until March 31st, and the next hearing of the case is scheduled for April 1st, in which he will be tried.

Probably then Mitto Eyes will be questioned as well as five witnesses in the case.

Bencho Benchev has been charged with concealing Mityo Eyes and possessing weapons and ammunition.

In August 2018, the two were arrested in Turkey. They were staying in the same hotel as Benchev rented a room for the Eyes in his own name.

He also helped him move from Greece to our southern neighbor.

Following the scandal, Benchev, who was deputy chairman of the Burgas Municipal Council, of the BSP, resigned and was ousted by the party.

However, he did not completely leave the local parliament, but united with several others and formed his own group.

Last year, he appeared as the leader of the “We Citizens” movement list and is again a municipal councilor.


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