Referendum: Swiss decide on ban on homo-discrimination


A ban on discrimination against homosexuals and bisexuals and more commitment to affordable housing will be decided on Sunday in Switzerland in a referendum. A clear yes is expected for the ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation. Critics see their freedom of expression restricted.

According to media reports, all major parties except the right-wing populist SVP support the law, which discriminates against people for their sexual To prevent orientation.

If the expected majority should come, the existing anti-racism penal standard will be expanded, which already protects against disadvantage because of skin color, religion or ethnicity in Switzerland. The referendum was initiated by the opponents of this enlargement, who see it as a restriction of freedom of expression.

More commitment to affordable housing

In addition, a decision will be taken about a greater commitment to affordable housing on Sunday in Switzerland in a referendum.

The initiators of the vote “More affordable housing“Meanwhile want to achieve that at least ten percent of the newly built apartments should belong to non-profit developers. The initiative also wants to prevent contributions to energy renovation from being used for luxury solutions.

With this vote, a scarce outcome was expected last.

leo / dpa / ae


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