Red meat and cold meats increase the risk of premature death


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Consuming red meat and processed meat leads to a higher risk of heart disease and death, finds a new study that calls for cutting back on deli meats and eating more fish.

Drop the steak knife, suggest the authors of a study by the American universities of Northwestern and Cornell, and published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Thus, the risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death is 3% to 7% higher for people who eat red meat and processed meat twice a week.

This figure is around 4% for those who consume poultry twice a week, but the evidence to date is not sufficient to make a recommendation.

“The consumption of red meat is also linked to other health problems such as cancer,” note the scientists.

They don’t just talk about bans, but also make recommendations.

What to eat?

No link has been established between fish consumption and cardiovascular disease or mortality.

“Fish, seafood and vegetable protein sources such as nuts and legumes are great alternatives to meat,” the study authors point out.

So they think it “worth trying to cut down on red meat and processed meat like pepperoni [salami épicé, ndlr], Bologna sausage and cold meats ”.

“Changing the consumption of these animal protein-based foods could become a strategy in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death,” said one of the co-sponsors.

He also recalled recent research which recommended not to reduce the quantity of red meat and processed meat in the diet and noted that they had clearly proven the link between meat and a certain increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases and mortality.
The study was carried out on 29,682 participants with an average age of 53.7 years. It initially had follow-up data on patients for up to the past three decades.

Finally, cooking methods have not been taken into account, say the researchers who add that fried fish is linked to the risk of manifestation of chronic diseases.


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