Ramos after losing Real Madrid: Referees in the past were respectful


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Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has commented on his team’s loss to Levante 1-0, with controversial statements pouring out his anger at the referees.

Ramos said after the match in comments reported newspaper Spanish Marca: “I don’t always like commenting on arbitration, because I am convinced that referees can make mistakes and can be right.”

“But sometimes some rulers make you question their decisions, and think about them differently.”

“The criteria seem to differ over the days, my last spontaneous hand touch was in the Spanish Super Cup against Valencia, and a penalty kick was counted against, and today the ball hit twice with the opponent’s hand and we did not get any penalty kick,” he added.

In his remarks, Ramos touched on the match referee Alejandro Jose Hernandez.

He said: “In the past, there were respected rulers, you can talk to them, but now you cannot at all.”

And Ramos added: “I went to the referee and asked him if he had a personal problem with me, and I told him if that was the case, so let me know, so that we can find a solution to that problem.”

It is noteworthy that Ramos gets a yellow card in the tenth minute of the meeting time, while the referee refused to count any penalty kicks for the Royal Club, the most prominent of which was in the 47th minute after the ball touched the hand of a Levante player.

Real Madrid lost its confrontation with Levante 1-0 in the 25th round of the Spanish League.

With that loss, the riyal returns to second place in the La Liga arrangement, two points behind its traditional rival Barcelona.


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