Queen Elizabeth must redistribute tasks Entertainment


Elizabeth has been moving from the capital to the Sandringham royal estate for almost a lifetime of every winter. It is also certain how long she will stay: February 6 is in principle spent there. That date marks the day on which her beloved father became king in 1952 George VI died and Elizabeth, who was in Kenya at that time in transit to Australia and New Zealand, became queen. That means she will be on the throne for 68 years at the end of this week.

The queen has had ample time in recent weeks to think about how to close the gaps in the royal agenda this year due to the “disappearance” of the princes Andrew and Harry, and Meghan. Last year, depending on the calculation method, the trio accounted for 265 to 558 public performances.

In part they were work for their own charities and projects, for which someone else did not immediately have to turn up, but in part they were also on the road on behalf of the queen and those tasks had to be taken over by other members of the family. That means that more work will come on the shoulders of, for example William and Catherine, and for example from prince Edward and his wife Sophie. According to the most generous count last year, they were good for 364 performances.


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