Putin put the dots on the i for the existence of lookalikes


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Even during the perilous fight against terrorism in the 2000s, Vladimir Putin did not use look-alikes, he told Russian media TASS.

Leading a country presents certain risks. Has the Russian President ever used a double to avoid them? He provided the answer to this question in an interview with TASS media.

“Do you have a double?” Asked the journalist.
“And have you never had one?”


“And has this question ever arisen?” Continues the journalist.

“Yes, [elle, ndlr] has arisen. I gave up the look-alikes. It was at the most difficult time in the fight against terrorism, “said the Russian president.

“So it was in the early 2000s?”

Vladimir Putin nodded, again stating that even during this period he had never used a lookalike.

A chinese poutine

In 2018, a photo of a Vladimir Putin lookalike was published on the Instagram account 9gag. It was Chinese farmer Lo Yuanpin, 55, who lives in Anhui province. Several netizens have noted his striking resemblance to the Russian President.


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