Putin on the phone with Selenski: next meeting of the Normandy Quartet in focus


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Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Selensky, according to the Ukrainian President’s office, discussed the preparation for the next meeting of the Quartet in a telephone call.

The heads of state stressed the need for the work of the Contact group to make Donbass in Minsk more intense.

The presidents also agreed that an emphasis should be placed on the prisoner exchange.

As part of the Normandy format the heads of state of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France are looking for ways to Conflict settlement in eastern Ukraine, In the period from 2015 to 2016 the sides were to an agreement regarding the Dividing line and armament deduction had come and prepared the meeting in Minsk, which led to the signing of the Minsk agreements.
At the recent Paris summit, which took place on December 9, 2019, the participants adopted a communiqué emphasizing that the Minsk agreements would remain the basis for further work.
Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk committed to:

– to separate the forces at three further sections of the contact line;

– open new outlet points;

– make progress in mine clearance;

– carry out the exchange of detained persons;

– to anchor the “Steinmeier formula” in Ukrainian legislation;

– coordinate all legal aspects of the special status of Donbass to ensure its validity on a permanent basis.

From this list, only the exchange of detained people came about. In Moscow it was underlined several times that Kiev is evading its obligations, while the Coordination of a next meeting on the part of Russia.

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