PUBG offers a new game mode


Update 2.3 will be released soon, the main innovation of which will be the “group battle” mode.

For Player Unknown PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, an upgraded version 2.3 will be released soon, with the main innovation being “group battle” mode, Sputnik reports. In it, 2-person teams can fight in 5 different locations, taken directly from the 5 royal battle maps.

In the new case only the first person view is available and the rebirth will take place 2 seconds after death near the Allies, if the place is safe. After being reborn, players are briefly impenetrable and can choose from two sets of available equipment.

While the team wins, the first winner is the one who kills 2 or more kills in 2 minutes. Victory in two rounds guarantees victory in the race.

During the match, players can keep track of themselves and others. Gamers receive the points needed to win rounds. The more points you get, the more currency you will receive at the end of the game.

In the future, developers have promised to add new locations to the “group battle” and listen to player feedback. In addition, the authors intend to add new and already familiar modes to their royal battle.


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