Prof. Dr. Ivan Marazov: Vasil Bozhkov gave more than the Hermitage for a vase


Prof. Dr. Ivan Marazov Frame: BNT

For one rhyton, it gives 2.5 million euros, museums can not afford it

The collection of Vasil Bozhkov is the best collection of antique tore in the world. It has many rhytons, much more than in all the world’s museums. Many pixies, many phials. It is a collection that gives an idea of ​​the development of this art not only in the Thracian lands, but throughout the ancient world.

He commented on this BNT Prof. Dr. Ivan Marazov.

According to him, her study and her place in the world scientific turnover is extremely large, one of the main concerns of the state is to preserve this collection and to remain as one of the most remarkable collections in Bulgarian museum practice.

Prof. Dr. Ivan Marazov suggests that museums cannot spend 2.5 million euros to buy a rhyton, and Mr. Bozhkov allowed it.

“To the best of my knowledge, most have been bought at auctions and I will not forget, once, my friends are at the Hermitage and he said: tell them your friends that here is this vase, I bought it at auction by auction So really Bulgaria has a very important collection for world science, “the expert noted.

According to him, Bozhkov was driven by the desire to make the best collection. The businessman also sponsored archaeological excavations.

Prof. Dr. Ivan Marazov recommended that Bozhkov collect what was Greek and Thracian antiquity, because it had many of the Roman period.

In 5 years he has managed to get a lot of objects, some of which simply have no analogues in museum exhibitions in the world, the expert said.

Bozhkov also creates his own laboratory, where these objects are preserved and restored.

“I suppose most of them are in good exposure. But you know, most of these objects are silver. Silver corrodes very quickly when it stays in the ground for a long time. It changes its structure, so it’s very fragile. is easy to crush, and any movement of objects must be accompanied by some risk.

But as far as my knowledge goes, all these subjects must be kept under certain conditions. Okay, they’ll take them and put them in the NIM and NHG repositories. Then these objects disappear from sight not only to the audience but also to the specialists, “says Prof. Dr. Ivan Marazov.

He further commented that they were doing their best to get these items into scientific circulation as quickly as possible.

“This is extremely important to science, because the more you know it, the more complete the picture you can make of antiquity. There are many images on these objects that have mythological value. For example, there is a scene on one of the rhythms that clearly shows , this is the only scene from the end of the 5th century, inspired by a lost tragedy of Euripides, and since we know the date of the staging, we can very accurately date this subject. No one knew that this tragedy could occur at the same time. and in a precious object in my opinion it is best to keep these objects in place, seal the building and not touch them, to keep them in the same place as there are suitable conditions. They are in showcases as far as I know and nothing threatens them. , but power decides, of course, “the expert concludes.


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