President Rumen Radev has withdrawn his confidence from the government


President Rumen Radev has announced that he is withdrawing his confidence from the government. In a very sharp address to the nation, the head of state stated that the institutions in our country are being used for repression against the dissatisfied with the authorities, while at the same time allowing actions against the national interest.

“As of today, I officially withdraw confidence from the government, which is not acting in the interest of Bulgarian citizens and is responsible for the acute crisis in our society. Dear countrymen, the division is not between left and right, the capital and the province, but between vicious power and millions of honorable ones. Bulgarians, “Radev emphasized.

Ladislav Tsvetkov

At the beginning of his address, he stressed that “today we are witnessing an acute crisis in governance at all levels. The lack of will to reform and fight corruption and waste, the methodological overcoming of law and morality have led Bulgaria to paralysis of entire social systems and institutions unparalleled throughout the Transition. ”

Further, Radev stressed that the government refuses to take the blame for the waterlogging in Pernik, and foreign media and foreign institutions have highlighted the widespread practice of burning foreign waste in our country.

“Bulgaria is not a dumping ground and no one has the right to bet on the health of Bulgarians in order to profit a handful of businessmen with state protections,” Radev was adamant.

He also criticized the lack of “clear explanations” of the reforms on the currency board, which, in his view, were pushed “quietly”.

Ladislav Tsvetkov

“Even sovereignty is being traded in the name of personal political survival,” the president added.

According to him, the protesters are subject to state repression and there is an “organized attack on civil liberties”.

“This government and government leads to the collapse of statehood and deprives us of our future as a nation. All this must be ended,” Rumen Radev summarized. He called for “to unite for justice and statehood.”


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