President of Lebanon: Syrian refugees cost Lebanon $ 25 billion


Lebanese President Michel Avn said that the civil war and the refugees in Syria cost the country 25 billion dollars.

According to the written statement from the Lebanese Presidency, Lebanese President Michel Avn is concerned with the economic crisis and regional developments in his country. To the French Valeurs actuelles magazine made evaluations.

Pointing out that his country was going through a very difficult period in terms of economy, Avn stated that since the 1990s when the Syrian army intervened in Lebanon, the public debt increased exponentially due to the fact that the budgets were based on debt.

‘It has become a burden that Lebanon cannot bear’

Noting that the Lebanese economy has been seriously affected by the global financial crises in recent years, Avn said:

“With the onset of civil war in neighboring countries, our exports to the Arab geography through these countries have been negatively affected. Later, refugees from Syria, which constitute about half of the Lebanese population here, have become a burden that the country cannot bear.”

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank estimates Stating that the cost of the crisis in Syria to Lebanon is around $ 25 billion, Avn continued:

“So we have the right to get some of the $ 25 billion out of the war-torn countries in Syria, rather than the need for exceptional help. The cost of war and refugees to Lebanon was $ 25 billion.”

Pointing out that most of the problems Lebanon currently faces are caused by the crisis in Syria, Avn emphasized that Western countries are not willing to even start a negotiation process for Syrian refugees to return to their homeland.

According to the official data of Lebanon, it was about 1.5 million Syrian refugees He emigrated to Lebanon. Also in the country Close to 600 thousand It is reported that the Palestinian refugee lives.


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