President Erdogan calls for donations for classroom and school construction


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Speaking in the program “From Schools to Tomorrows”, President Erdoğan said that 13 thousand new schools are needed. Calling for participation in the donation campaign, Erdogan said, “Every citizen who has the opportunity can participate in this campaign with his contribution in the form of classrooms or schools, wherever he wishes as charity.”

President Recep Tayyip ErdoganHeld in the Presidential Complex Exhibition Hall,From Schools to TomorrowHe gave a speech in his program.

‘The citizen does not respond to us in the same way in urban transformation’

Wishing mercy to those who died in Van due to the earthquake and healing the wounded, Erdoğan said, “We should speed up our preparations for disasters. We ask our citizens to help us with particular emphasis on the transformation of earthquake-resistant structures. The state can cope with such a burden only with the support of its citizens. We call urban transformation, change, but our citizens who knock on the door for urban transformation do not respond to us in the same way. We are having serious problems here. ”

’13 thousand new schools are needed’

Stating that they put their education and training at the top of their priorities and increased their education-training budget during their rule, Erdoğan stated that the number of universities increased from 76 to 207, the number of academic staff increased from 70 thousand to 170 thousand, and the number of university students from 1.6 million to 8 million.

Erdogan stated that they have increased the number of classrooms from 343 thousand in primary and secondary education to 590 thousand, and they have made 946 thousand with 652 thousand new teachers to which they have appointed teachers.

“Our Ministry of National Education needs 13 thousand new schools with 21,000 classrooms in addition to these,” Erdogan said.

“In addition, some of the existing schools need to be strengthened against earthquakes. With the support of distinguished business people and philanthropists of our country we are here with tonight, we aim to completely solve the school needs of our Ministry of Education. I believe that you will take your place in this campaign in accordance with the words of ‘sow seeds if you think 1 year later, plant seedlings if you think 10 years later, raise people if you think 100 years later.’ ”

‘I ask you to give priority to the areas with earthquake risk’

Stating that donors can undertake the construction or strengthening of the school where they wish, President Erdoğan said, “My request is that you give priority to the areas with high risk of earthquake because the schools built in these regions, as well as safe roofs for our students, will be sheltered by our citizens after the earthquake. can also be used as fields. These kinds of places are needed because of the fact that the buildings with heavy damage are completely emptied and the aftershocks are not allowed to enter other buildings for a while ”.

Erdogan pointed out that all public buildings built in Elazığ, from schools to gyms, which are earthquake resistant, have been used for this purpose for a long time. So who, where, which undertook the construction of schools or schools all over Turkey to follow here, “he said.

‘Donations to MoNE can be deducted from tax’

Calling everyone to participate in the campaign, Erdogan said, “Every citizen who has the opportunity can participate in this campaign with his contribution in the form of classrooms or schools, wherever he wishes as charity. Do not forget that each of the students who will receive education in schools to be built with your donations will be your spiritual sons. All in kind and cash donations made to our Ministry of National Education can be deducted from income tax. We also exempted VAT from all expenses in the construction of schools and dormitories with donor support. I would like you to make sure that your charities are accepted and accepted by Allah. ”


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