Postponement of UN session due to delay in issuing visas to Russian delegation


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The UN Disarmament Commission has postponed its meeting in New York for 10 days due to the delay in issuing visas to Russian President Konstantin Veronovsev.

The UN session was postponed due to the delay in issuing visas to the Russian delegation, according to a UN report on Tuesday, February 18.

The UN press release said: “The Disarmament Commission has postponed meetings for 10 days so that the United Nations Relations Committee with the host country can hold a meeting to address concerns of the Russian Federation over the visa issue for the Russian envoy. ”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has called the postponement of visa issuance for Konstantin Voronosev an example of inappropriate and irresponsible behavior on the part of the United States.

“They have repeatedly tried to attract the attention of the international community, reporting directly to the UN Secretariat on the inappropriate behavior of the UN host country in relation to issuing visas to Russian representatives,” he said. It has no legal basis for such actions. “

In recent years, non-US visas have become commonplace for diplomats in other countries. The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly addressed Washington, as Russian representatives are often left without visas, while the United States is required to provide visas to all member states’ diplomats.


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