Porsche Taycan and the first burning car


The Porsche Taycan made a lot of noise when it came out a few months ago and has seriously clouded Tesla’s dominance in the EV segment.

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The Porsche electric model is very powerful, very luxurious and quite expensive.

Even when it came out, we saw a lot of comparisons with the Tesla Model S, with which the Taycan comes in direct competition, but frankly we did not expect the two models to be alike and tend to self-ignite.

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Two days ago, in South Florida, USA, the first case of a spontaneously ignited Taycan was reported, with, fortunately, no casualties.

Apart from the car itself, of course, which burned to its constituents in an underground parking lot, Electrek reports.

For now, authorities are trying to determine what exactly caused the fire, but early speculation said it was a battery issue.

It is Tesla batteries that are the cause of many of the brand’s self-igniting models that we keep hearing about.

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It may also be a charging problem, but for now we can only guess.

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