Pompeo and Guaido meet ‘Venezuela’ at White House


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US Secretary of State Pompeo met with opposition leader Guaido, who declared himself “temporary president” in Venezuela, at the White House.

US State Department Spokesperson Morgan OrtagusUS Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Juan Guaido made a written statement regarding the meeting that took place between.

In the statement, which discussed Guaido’s contacts in Washington during the meeting, it was stated that the duo discussed with the support of democratic actors and international partners the issue of establishing a transition government responsible for overseeing a free and fair Presidential and National Assembly elections.

In a statement, “Minister Pompeo and Provisional President Guaido have also agreed to end the Maduro dictatorship that the Venezuelan people have demanded for years, to increase the struggle for democracy, economic peace and to restore the dignity of the Venezuelan people.” expressions were included.

Guaido abroad despite the ban

The US-backed Guaido moved to Colombia on January 19, despite the ban on traveling abroad by the Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), and participated in the 3rd Conference on Combating Terrorism in the capital of this country, Bogota.

Meeting with the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the event, Guaido later traveled to Europe to attend the World Economic Forum summit held in Davos, Switzerland, and to hold different contacts.


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