Pompeo accuses Iran of using the multiple launch attempts of a satellite to develop its missile capabilities



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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the Iranian regime is taking advantage of satellite launches into space to develop the capabilities of its ballistic missiles, enabling it to threaten its opponents and threaten the security of the region, as he put it.

Cairo – Sputnik. Pompeo, in a tweet on his official account with “Twitter”, said today, Tuesday, “The Iranian regime is taking advantage of launches of a satellite into space to develop its ballistic missile capabilities, which will allow it to threaten its opponents and threaten the security of the region.”

He added: “The state sponsoring terrorism globally should not be allowed to develop and test ballistic missiles.”

For its part, France condemned yesterday, Monday, Iran’s attempt to launch a satellite via a space launcher, saying that this process requires techniques used in the manufacture of ballistic missiles, which is contrary to Tehran’s international obligations.

“France condemns the launching process, through which technology is used to manufacture ballistic missiles, especially intercontinental missiles,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Anies von der Mall said in comments to reporters on the Internet.

Von der Mol said that Iran recently revealed a ballistic missile with a range of 500 km, saying that “Iran is prohibited from carrying out activities related to ballistic missiles that can carry nuclear warheads, in respect of its obligations within the framework of Security Council Resolution 2231”.

Iran announced, earlier, the failure to deliver the satellite “Zafar” to its orbit around the Earth

“The operation to deliver the Zafar satellite to the required orbit,” Ahmed Hosseini said, according to the official radio and television agency.


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