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That appears to be a report from the Court of Audit. “As a result, the police in certain areas get into trouble performing the many police duties.” There is no clear view of “who is present and able to perform tasks,” the Court concludes. The image of the national police summit does not correspond to local reality, the researchers see.

For the investigation into the employability of the police, the Court analyzed the national police data of one year (mid-July 2018 – mid-July 2019). It shows that on average 71.4 percent of their time can be deployed by police officers. “They cannot be deployed for the rest of the time due to leave, sickness absence and training.”

Agents transferred

Not all police officers available in theory are actually available, researchers note. “The consequence of this is that a vicious circle can arise, in which a small group of employees is questioned. As a result, essential police duties such as providing emergency assistance, maintaining public order, deployment of the local police officer and opening up and staffing the police station are under pressure. ”

The national police summit has absolutely no insight into those problems, the Court of Audit notes. The data is not kept centrally at all. “The daily reality behind this is only known by basic teams.”


The Court of Auditors calls on the police summit and the Ministry of Justice and Security to keep central information about their own organization as quickly as possible, because otherwise the right policeman or woman can never be in the right place. “That prevents the individual levels of the police from” talking to each other based on different information “when it comes to staff deployment.”

The police force regularly calls for more staff. The Court of Audit report shows that the top itself does not even know who is available when.

Just like the Court of Audit, the police force believes that the pressure on police officers has been too great for a long time, according to a reaction. “But the police do not agree with the Court of Audit’s conclusion that the police force would have an incomplete picture of police strength.”

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