Police detain prominent MAS regional leader in Bolivia


LA PAZ (Sputnik) – The Bolivian Police arrested the main regional assemblyman of the Movement to Socialism (MAS) in La Paz, Gustavo Torrico, which this party denounced immediately as a continuation of the political persecution unleashed by the transitional government of the president and candidate Jeanine Áñez.

The detention is “totally illegal, I have introduced myself to the prosecutor, the man came to my house and I left my house. I do not understand or why they impel me,” Torrico told reporters while he was taken to a cell at a police station. , as shown by local television.

The arrest, said the chief of the anti-crime police of La Paz, Colonel Iván Rojas, was carried out in compliance with an order from the prosecutor who prosecutes the case for alleged crimes of sedition and terrorism opened against former president Evo Morales and several of its collaborators, at the request of the Government.
“There is no sedition here, here what I have is that I am a classmate and I will continue to be a classist,” Torrico responded to a question about the cause of his detention.
He added that he presented himself to the Prosecutor’s Office when he learned that he was mentioned publicly in the process, but that he had not previously been notified of an obligation to testify.

The arrest of the mass leader in the departmental assembly of La Paz seemed to show that the newly initiated proselytizing campaign towards the May 3 elections will not stop police detentions or judicial proceedings against MAS leaders, including his presidential candidate, Luis Arce, who It is included in a case of alleged corruption.

“We denounce the arrest of fellow Gustavo Torrico and the political persecution of the MAS militants, in order to silence our voice; with these actions, democratic and clean elections are not possible,” the spokeswoman of that party published on the social network Twitter in the Chamber of Deputies, Sonia Brito.

Torrico was designated as one of those responsible for the MAS election campaign.

For the same case of sedition and terrorism, at least two of Morales’ former ministers who have been refugees at the Mexican Embassy in La Paz for almost three months are still charged, awaiting safe-conduct that the Government of Áñez has warned will not grant .


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