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After two months of rest the Champions League is back, and the happiest of this is probably Erling Holland, who made a new extraterrestrial match in the most prestigious club tournament. Borussia Dortmund team topped PSG with 2: 1 in the match of the 1/8-final phase of the SL.

In the 69th minute, Erling Holland led the home side. This was followed by an accurate shot of Neymar, who took full advantage of an error in the opponent’s defense and restored the draw. A little later, Holland scored his No. 11 goal for the Yellow and Blacks and brought Borussia the win.

The meeting started quietly, the first opportunity was at the expense of the guests. Neymar delivered a promising free kick, but the ball went wide of Burke’s door.

In the 14th minute, Jaden Sancho stepped up into the penalty area and instead of giving in to his teammates, he decided to take a shot on his own at the PSG goal, which turned out to be inaccurate and the ball flew over the crossbar.

The action immediately shifted to the other half, as seconds later Mbape entered Borussia’s penalty area. The young man managed to keep the ball despite the attempts of the opponent’s defense, but did not deliver the finishing shot as Lucas Pizchek cleared the ball on time.

In the 25th minute, Emre Zhang got into the rough of Neymar’s feet, which frightened the PSG fans for some time, but eventually the Brazilian stood up and the game continued.

A little later, Caylor Navas intervened brilliantly, reflecting Sancho’s blow. The English youngster mastered a pass around the boundary of the penalty area, aimed and fired. However, Navas was prepared and did not allow the ball to fall into his net.

Erling Holland tried to score again with the yellow-black shirt, but sent the ball past the right side pillar.

By the end of the first part more serious dangers in front of either door were missing and the players returned to the locker rooms with a score of 0: 0.

The start of the second half was tumultuous for the hosts, after Ashraf Hakimi first, and then Jaden Sancho missed to score as Navas successfully thwarted their plans.

The PSG’s difficulty in moving the ball continued, and the home side failed to take advantage. In the 69th minute, however, the result was finally discovered after Erling Holland had successfully taken the deflected ball and sent it to Navas, who had nothing to do this time.

The turnover went up and in the 75th minute Cillian Mbape addressed a perfect pass to Neymar, who slid the ball into the empty door and restored the draw, returning the hopes of the Parisians.

Holland, however, was of the opposite opinion, as only 2 minutes later he had re-signed. The 19-year-old footballer’s famed shot hit the upper right corner of a surprised Navas and regained Borussia’s advantage. It was also the 10th hit in the ML for the young Norwegian, who became the first teenager with 10 hits in one campaign of the tournament.

In the 86th minute, Hakimi missed to calm down Borussia’s fans, doubling Borussia’s advance, but his bold shot went past the door.

The Parisians did not give up and until recently looked for a new equalizer hit. Tiago Silva added a corner kick, but his header was unsuccessful.


Borussia Dortmund: 1. Roman Burke, 26. Lucas Pizchek (k), 15. Mats Humels, 2. Dan-Axel Orders, 5. Ashraf Hakimi, 27. Emre Gian, 28. Axel Witsel, 13. Rafael Guerrero, 7. Jaden Sancho, 17. Erling Holland, 23. Torgan Azar

Coach: Lucien Favre

PSG: 1. Kaylor Navas, 20. Lewin Kurzawa, 3. Presnel Kimpembe, 2. Thiago Silva (k), 12. Tom Muni, 6. Marco Verati, 5. Marquinhos, 27. Idriss Gay, 10. Neymar, 7. Kilian Mbape , 11. Angel Di Maria

Coach: Thomas Tuhel

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