Pharmacist in the fight against coronavirus died after 10 days of continuous work


A 28-year-old man whose main profession is hospital pharmacy in China, died after suffering from coronavirus for 10 days after suffering a heart attack.

According to South China Morning Post newspaper 28-year-old hospital pharmacist Song Yingjie was assigned to a checkpoint on the highway outside the hospital where he worked as part of the fight against the coronavirus outbreak in China.

The report stated that as of January 25, the healthcare worker who measured the fever of the drivers on the highway in order to prevent the coronavirus epidemic, worked without interruption for 10 days.

Song, who worked at night, was found dead in the dormitory where he rested. It was determined that the 28-year-old man died from a heart attack.

In the hospital where he works responsible for medical supplies management and distribution Working as a person, Song Yingjie has been doing this profession for 3 years.

Her colleagues hardworking and helpful It was stated that he had a great shock due to his sudden death.

Working in the same hospital as Song Yang Dan In a report published by Beijing News, he said:

“He was a valued member of the team and could have a bright future. He was very motivated, hardworking and never complained.”

It was reported that the loss of life in the coronavirus epidemic increased to 564 and the number of people infected with the virus increased to 28,18.


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