Peter Petrov said when the VAR system could be introduced in Bulgaria


The video-assist system for arbitrators may start work in the Bulgarian League in the spring of 2021.

This was stated by the former chairman of the Judge Commission, Petar Petrov, who is currently the project manager for our country.

Petrov himself today made the first presentation of the seminar of the leading referees in Sliven on how the system will work and what is needed for its proper launch. However, by the time of the launch, a training course for the judges must be completed, and the BFS must purchase the whole system and the clubs must be prepared.

Three offers for the introduction of the system from three different companies will be presented to the BFS.

Guardiola: VAR is a huge mess

Guardiola: VAR is a huge mess

“There needs to be a clearer way of making decisions”

The members of the Executive Committee of BFS will get acquainted with the offers on February 18, after which they will decide which offer is the best.

“There will be no compromise on training. We currently have one high-level judge in Europe – Georgi Kabakov. But when he heads there, SARs are, for example, Italians. Because we still don’t have any Bulgarians trained. training our international referees to get into European requirements as quickly as possible when they go abroad, and then the referees who are in our first league rankings will be trained. Finally, some of the young and promising referees will be trained from the Second League as a possible n reserve, “explained Peter Petrov.

Espirito Santo: Nothing can be done against VAR

Espirito Santo: Nothing can be done against VAR

“It turned out to be a nice, even match”

Many people are wondering where the funding will come from, as it is an expensive system. Peter Petrov replied thus:

“We will look for different sources. The first thing that comes to me is the idea of ​​the FIFA Forward Development program, which has been applied and approved by the Croats. Last week, the first meeting with the VAR in the Croatian Championship was held. We will also apply for it. the assistance of the Ministry of Sport, because we will need more funding to train the judges.

Nearly 90 countries in the world have introduced VAR. I hope at least to get into the top 100. For the moment, the Balkans are behind Northern Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro. I believe we will not reach their level because it will be very bad, “Petrov added.

Platinum: VAR kills the joy of being naked

Platinum: VAR kills the joy of being naked

“Sometimes players have to celebrate with five minutes delay”


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