“Personality Schumacher and Hamilton big difference”


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                In Formula 1, no matter how hypothetical, it has always been an interesting question for many: is Driver A better than Driver B? Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher are names that you often encounter in this context. F1 director Ross Brawn discussed the comparison between these two greats.

Earlier in his career, Ross Brawn worked with both greats, first with Michael Schumacher with Benetton and Ferrari and later briefly with Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes. The latter can this year match the record number of world titles from Schumacher as well as many other records and thus possibly make themselves the greatest F1 driver ever. Because it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find an answer to the question who is better, Brawn wants to emphasize the similarities he sees between the two. “Both are enormously talented in what they do in the car and at those moments when they conjure up something out of the blue. Lewis sometimes made the team speechless with his qualifying rounds. Michael was just like that. Sometimes just drivers come along who get into something like that. “, the official F1 website quoted him.

According to Brawn, Hamilton deserves all the praise and success of recent years. “Lewis deserves every championship he has won. He has joined the right team at the right time and is at his best. He makes no mistakes and is a fantastic driver. His performance is exceptional. It’s not like Lewis wins by luck, he wins because he is doing great and you have to admit that to him “, says the F1 director. He expects Hamilton to go beyond Schumacher’s 91 victories this year, which for a long time seemed like an impossible task for anyone. At the moment the Mercedes driver stands at 84 wins, which means that he still has to achieve seven in a season that counts 22 races (possibly 21 if the Grand Prix of China is canceled).

Still, Brawn wants to make one difference between the drivers. “They rode in different eras, in different cars and against other drivers, but they also had a very different personality. Lewis is very professional and dedicated, while Michael had an intense eye for detail in the car. Michael grew up and raced in a period when modern technology was not yet available.Data analyzes were very rough, the involvement of the drivers much greater.If a driver now gets out of his car, the engineer will perform an analysis of how the car behaved in the turns so the driver doesn’t have to say much, “he said. As a technical manager at Ferrari, he worked closely with Schumacher. “When I was working with him we had a paper on which the bends were numbered and he had to explain to me where he had understeered and upset so that we could analyze it. By the time a driver turns on his radio, the analysis has already been done. The requirements have therefore become very different and I do not know how Lewis would have dealt with this. He comes from a time when it is no longer necessary. “

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