Pep was about to release Neuer as a fielder – Soccer World – Germany


Former Bayern Munich coach – Pep Guardiola has been determined to make an experiment that many people around the world would pay to see. The Catalan was determined to release goalkeeper Manuel Neuer as a fielder in a Bundesliga match.

“After winning one of the titles, Pep was considering releasing Manu as a midfielder for a match. I had to make a lot of effort to stop him. In my opinion, this would have been taken as an arrogance, “revealed the chief, Karl-Heinz Rumenige.

The guard often goes beyond the penalty area and shows excellent footwork.

“I am generally convinced that Neuer would have done well in the midfield. It would definitely be an interesting experiment, “Rumenige added in a section for the club magazine of the Bavarians” 51 “.


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