“Pavlenski will go to death. He’s not going to shut his mouth, ”says his editor


Invited to the CNews set, the editor Natalia Turine defended Piotr Pavlenski, this Russian refugee in France and suspected of having broadcast videos of a sexual nature attributed to Benjamin Griveaux.

Natalia Turine, founder of Louison Éditions specializing in Russian literature and editor of Piotr Pavlenski, spoke on CNews about this “artist” who claims leaks of intimate videos in the Griveaux affair. Presenter Jean Marc Morandini asked her in particular about the existence of other videos and their possible dissemination:

“I don’t know if he still has videos, I’m not his producer. What I do know is that Pavlenski will go to death. It will go all the way. He’s not going to shut up, “replied the editor.

A “very cold”, even “a little inhuman” personality

Returning to the personality of the “artist” whom she encountered when she left prison, when he had just burnt down the entry of the Banque de France in Paris, the editor painted her psychological portrait:

“He is someone very cold, very thoughtful, very disciplined. He never gives interviews without being prepared for it. He is very demanding with the press, he doesn’t go anywhere. His partner, who always accompanies him when he does actions, has no right to speak if asked, “she said on CNews set.

Asked about Pavlensky’s family life and the possible implications of his partner, the editor insisted on the radical nature of the author’s commitments:

“He claims that his actions are only his. He wrote in his book, “Even if my children are threatened, I will not stray from my path.” It’s true that he’s a little inhuman there. He is scary.”

“We don’t give asylum so that the person closes his mouth”

On the CNews set, Natalia Turine also returned to the refugee status enjoyed by Piotr Pavlenski in France. While some are calling for the lifting of her political asylum, the publisher has taken issue with the matter.

“Human rights are not castrating mechanisms. You don’t give asylum for the person to shut up. If someone gives me a piece of bread and that someone is a very bad person …. Just because France welcomed me doesn’t mean I have to shut my mouth, “she said.

After admitting to being the author of the leaks of the intimate videos attributed to Benjamin Griveaux, Piotr Pavlenski was indicted and placed under judicial supervision on Tuesday.


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