Parliament adopted the state monopoly on lotteries


Parliament adopted the state monopoly on lotteries

Without debate, the National Assembly approved changes to the Gambling Act, which stipulates that a license to organize lottery games can only be issued to the state. The private lottery games will be closed without a transitional period from the date of entry into force of the law, submitted by Valery Simeonov

Deputies left a number of ambiguities in the texts on what follows from the change. There is no additional protection for players with large profits from private lotteries who, as a rule, must receive their money in installments of 10 or 20 years. According to unofficial information, these are over 40 people.

In the future, the state lottery will be able to sell tickets at its own points or by renting separate stands at large retail outlets or smaller booths and benches, which must have a “lottery” sign and a contract seller with the tote.

The management of “Bulgarian Sports Totalizator” complained that this means to incur higher distribution costs than now, when 2/3 of their sales are against the commission for the dealer. This frees them from rent and salary money.

Meanwhile, GERB and the United Patriots have put in place aggressive gambling ads on all types of media.

Neither the Valery Simeonov project nor the accepted texts foresee the restriction of the other morbid gambling niche – the gambling halls that cause severe forms of gambling addiction.

Simeonov: Stop buying coupons, their sale stops next week

“The Bulgarians stop buying coupons because their sale is stopped after the gambling law was promulgated. We expect the law to be published next week and to suspend and confiscate all coupons from all the places where they are currently being sold except those of the sports sweepstakes, “the NPSB leader told reporters after the vote.

He reiterated that “winnings can be obtained under the general rules of the game.” He explained that the MPs had abandoned the original idea of ​​additional protection for the winners because “it is not appropriate for the state to interfere in these private legal relations.”

“Anyone who has received rewards can take the appropriate action, seek it out, or file lawsuits to receive it. Since the money from the circulation is collected, the profits are based on the total proceeds of the respective circulation, so that each stakeholder has a legal basis, and there is money that has been collected in order to receive the profit, “added Simeonov.

Retaining it would lead to lightening

In his words, “gambling retrenchment will lead to coverage in the sector.”

“The truth is that no one dared to go into this business for the understandable reasons that now come from prosecuting prosecutions. These are murders, racketeering, extortion and whatnot. The truth is that the State Gambling Commission and others institutions have been well respected by the inaccessibility of the owner of these lottery games, “said Simeonov.

The leader of the NFSB added that he received a signal for paid BGN 15.90 in the amount of 100 thousand won.

The BSP does not see enough guarantees for nationalization

“We support restricting the sale of lottery tickets. They cannot be distributed everywhere. We also support and suggest restricting aggressive advertisements that lead to addiction to this dangerous product. However, we do not find sufficient guarantees for the so-called nationalization of this business. we did not support this part, “BSP MP Krum Zarkov said after the vote.

Add that the Bulgarian Sports Totals have expressed concern about the things that will happen from here on. “I would not like to speculate on this. What we see, as in other areas, the government is failing to explain exactly what it wants to do and how to achieve it,” he added.


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