Paris Hilton reveals her impressions about her first visit to Saudi Arabia


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The model, heir to the Hilton Worldwide chain of hotels, Paris Hilton, has revealed her impressions of her first visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Hilton said, in statements to Al-Arabiya, on the sidelines of her participation in the conference of the “Milken” Institute for the Middle East and North Africa in Abu Dhabi, that “everyone in Saudi Arabia was kind and welcoming.”
“She has had a wonderful time in Saudi Arabia, she is beautiful and her people are wonderful.”

Paris Hilton was, She visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, In December 2012, to open its luxury goods store, in the holy city of Mecca.

Paris Hilton described the Middle East as a “magical place”, and this is embodied in “wonderful people, hotels, shopping and jobs there”, as she praised the Gulf emirate of Dubai.

Paris Hilton has more than 11 million followers on her Instagram account, and 17 million followers on Twitter.

The Milken Institute conference is considered a “mini-Davos”, where world leaders meet at the economic, political and investment levels, and tackles global issues such as climate, space and trade war.


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