Paris condemns launch of satellite rocket on Tehran


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The French Foreign Ministry said: “Paris condemns the launch of a satellite rocket on Tehran and calls on Iran to comply with international agreements.”

Iranian authorities had earlier announced the launch of the Simorgh rocket with Zafar satellite on February 9, according to Sputnik. They said that the satellite could not reach the required orbit because the rocket did not reach the required speed in the final stage, Iranian Minister of Information and Communication Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi announced that the Zafar-2 satellite would probably launch in June.

The French Foreign Ministry said in a statement that France condemns the launch because it used ballistic missile technology, especially intercontinental missiles. In addition, Iran has also introduced a new ballistic missile with a range of more than 500 kilometers.

According to the French Foreign Ministry, the development of Iran’s ballistic program violates regional stability and affects European security.

Earlier, in January 2019, Iran failed to send several satellites into orbit. These efforts were then condemned by a number of Western nations, who believe that Iran’s efforts to launch the satellite using such missiles do not comply with UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

The United States and some other countries interpret UN Security Council Resolution 2231 as prohibiting Iran from launching missiles. Russia drew attention to the fact that the exact wording in the resolution contained only a recommendation.


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