Palestinian Foreign Ministry calls for urgent international action to stop the implementation of the “deal of the century”


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The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates called for urgent international action to stop the implementation of the American “Deal of the Century”, aimed at “liquidating the Palestinian cause”.

According to SPA Agency In a press release today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed that the international community “has no time to save the remaining opportunities to achieve peace on the basis of a two-state solution.”

She said that “ambiguous, neutral or hesitant formulas towards this dangerous American-Israeli plot do not help in stopping the American coup against international law and international legitimacy and its decisions, and do not help to save peace between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, but rather encourage the occupation authorities to continue implementing this ominous plan.” .

The Foreign Ministry condemned “Netanyahu’s expansionist anti-peace statements”, warning of what is happening daily from the actual application of the terms of the American-Israeli deal, and the Israeli attempts to impose new facts in the occupied Palestinian territory in line with its provisions under the American umbrella.

The ministry indicated that it continues the political, diplomatic and legal movement at all levels to mobilize a wider international rejection of Trump’s Netanyahu plan, aware of its real risks and disastrous consequences for security and stability in the region and the world.

It called on the international community, federations and various regional groupings “to reject and condemn this plan and the occupation measures and measures that have become close to it, and to truly confront the American bullying of the international community and its legitimacy, and attempts to replace international law with the law of the jungle.”


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