Pakistan calls India’s US air defense system a “disturbing decision”


Pakistan Thursday evening, February 13, described India’s purchase of an integrated US air defense system as a “disturbing decision.”

She indicated newspaper The Hindustan Times of India The United States agreed to sell an integrated air defense weapons system to India at an estimated cost of $ 1.9 billion, to modernize the Indian Armed Forces and expand its air defense infrastructure.
The Pakistani Foreign Ministry described the decision as “worrying”, as it would further destabilize the “volatile” region effectively.

A Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Aisha Farooqi, told reporters: “Pakistan saw the prior notification issued by the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency, which confirms the Foreign Ministry’s approval to sell the system to India.”

“Selling these advanced weapons systems to India at this time is particularly troublesome, as it will further destabilize the already troubled region,” she added.

“The United States is destabilizing in this way the strategic balance in South Asia, and has serious security implications for Pakistan and the region,” she continued.

Farooqi said:

“The international community is fully aware of the design of India’s aggressive policy against Pakistan, and the threats and statements of Indian political and military leaders, South Asia cannot afford the arms race and conflict. Therefore, the international community must prevent further destabilization in the region.”

“During US President Donald Trump’s first visit to India later this month, he offered to mediate the Jammu and Kashmir dispute on several occasions and it is now time to fulfill the promise,” the Pakistani foreign ministry spokeswoman said.

“We hope that these offers will be translated into practical action. We hope that the Jammu and Kashmir dispute will be raised during President Trump’s visit to India,” she added.

It is noteworthy that the two nuclear states, India and Pakistan, have fought three major wars since independence from Britain, in addition to numerous skirmishes and clashes, most of which took place around the disputed Kashmir region.

While the military reports say that India’s conventional military power is not comparable to its Pakistani counterpart, New Delhi has an army of 1.2 million soldiers, outnumbering the army of 560,000, while the two countries ’arsenals are almost equal. The Stockholm Institute of Peace reports that Pakistan has between 140 to 150 nuclear warheads, while India has between 130 to 140 nuclear warheads.


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