PAK DA ghost plane engine will be produced this year


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Russian Deputy Defense Minister Aleksey Krivoruçko announced that the first sample of the new generation Tupolev PAK DA ghost strategic bomber engine will be tested this year.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Aleksey Krivoruçko, Russian aircraft and rocket engine manufacturer Kuznetsov A.Ş.During his visit to “We hope that the first engines will be produced this year and delivered to the stand for preliminary tests” said.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia signed all the contracts on Monday to start the production of the PAK DA aircraft according to the sketches presented in 2019.

PAK DA, which is shown as the aircraft of the future, was announced in November 2018 when development work began. All work on the aircraft is under the special control of the Commander-in-Chief and the Minister of Defense.

It was previously reported that the new strategic aircraft will be built using ‘stealth’ technology.

The aircraft, which is expected to have a flight time of up to 30 hours thanks to the new engine, will replace the Tu-95 strategic bomber currently used by the Russian army.


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