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1976-In the Guruvayur Festival, a historical elephant tour on 13.02.76. The time is nearly three o’clock. Guruvayoorappan owns elephants. Lakshmikutty and Ramachandran. Elephants and Padmanabhan, Kuttishankaran, Venugopalan, Vijayakrishna, Gopalan, Unnikrishnan, Tara, Nandini, Raveendran, Ramankutty, Valiya Narayanan and Indira were all ready to take part in the race. Elephants have no restrictions like today. Every young elephant has a large number of young and old. Most of the elephants also enter the temple wall. Inside the temple wall is a huge crowd. This is the then Guruvayoor Temple. The bell rang. The console sounded.

After praying to Guruvayoorappan, the elephant offered him Mathempattu Nambiar. The caretaker gave the bells one by one to the waiting elephants. They all ran up to Manjulal with great enthusiasm and bells. Each bell was tied to the neck of its elephants. The elephant began. All elephants are competing.

Padmanabhan hurriedly ran into the temple in the first place without much anticipation. Bowai Narayanan Nair, the elephants on the elephant and Sankuppillai below manage the Padmanabha with great enthusiasm. Great surprise for all onlookers. But did Guruvayoorappan decide to make Padmanabha number one? After all, Padmanabhan entered the temple first in front of everyone. The great miracle happened. It was a historic move. It is because of Guruvayurappan’s own Gajakesari Kesavan that the first goddess of Devaswom. No one else, including Padmanabhan, has any place in Kesavan. It may be a coincidence that Padmanabhan became the first.

After his placement, that is, after finding the first-born, before the festival the following year, Guruvayoor Ekadashi was enshrined at Guruvayurappan’s feet.

Keshavan Guruvayoorappan gained valuable recognition in Padara Vindhyas in the spirit of finding a worthy successor. That is the question, which are revered by his gurusthaniyanaya KESAVAN anusmaranadinamayi Guruvaayoorappa arriv- Going uninterruptedly since that day, every year, kesavanenna gajapungavanre cached siras’silerri antyavisramam tiruvenkitacalapati KESAVAN valanvecc tirt’thatteyum guruvayurappaneyum divyasannidhiyiletti from the temple, Guruvayur Rudra Com Mutiri Kovilakam placed on the field will be greeted with pranamamarppicc Kesavan Full pratimakkumunnil. That devotional ritual then continued.

Guruvayur Padmanabhan October 9, 1966. Guruvayoorappan’s Zamorin Kovilakam’s gateway and kitchen, which provided him with water and food, provided all the protection, and in the dilapidation of the health of the time, the drunkenness of the palace was greatly reduced. He disobeyed the orders of anyone and broke the chain and hit Madhavan Nair, his servant. Fortunately he didn’t care. However, with the help of Dr. Alexander at Kunnamkulam and the mercy of Guruvayurappan, Madhavan Nair escaped. It was well beaten with a big stick of big elephants. However, the first place remained in place.

The result was the rise of Padmanabhan in the aftermath. Everyone wants Padmanabha. There is no objection to the number. Lakhs of rupees increased. However, in any case, Padmanabhan should be given a column. The system.

Kesavan was honored with the title of Gajarajan while Padmanabhan was honored with the rank of Gajaratnam. Many awards. All this is the great mercy of Guruvayurappan. The dedication of Guruvayurappan here is proof that even if it is a Gajama, it reaches the highest.

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