Overview test days 2020: Verstappen kicks off for Red Bull, who else drives?


Tomorrow is the day, then the test days begin. The teams are allowed to make as many meters as possible with their new cars at the Circuit de Barcelona-Cataluyna. An overview of the line up (if known) for the 2020 tests.

FORMULA 1 Magazine is present at the test days this week and will report the latest developments via a live blog from tomorrow.

Line-up test week 1


On Wednesday both drivers will step into the new W11: Valtteri Bottas in the morning and Lewis Hamilton in the afternoon. The line up for Wednesday and Thursday is not yet known.


Sebastian Vettel starts off on Wednesday for Ferrari. He and team-mate Charles Leclerc both board the SF1000 on Thursday: Leclerc in the morning, Vettel in the afternoon. It will be Leclerc’s turn again on Friday.

Red bull

Max Verstappen makes the first meters for Red Bull. Verstappen also drove the last week shakedown with the new RB16. Teammate Alexander Albon will experience his first test day on Thursday. Both drivers will be seated in the car on Friday: Verstappen in the morning, Albon in the afternoon.

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Carlos Sainz kicks off for McLaren on Wednesday and Lando Norris makes his first meters on Thursday. Both drivers will enter the MCL35 on Friday: Norris in the morning, Sainz in the afternoon.

Get away during the shakedown of the RB16. © Red Bull


The Renault drivers will test a part of the day every day. It is Daniel Ricciardo’s turn on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning, and Friday afternoon. New acquisition Esteban Ocon will take a seat in the car on Wednesday morning, Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

Alpha Tauri

Alpha Tauri starts the first test with Daniil Kvyat on Wednesday. Pierre Gasly will appear on the AT01 on Thursday and both drivers will drive on Friday: Kvyat in the morning, Gasly in the afternoon.

Racing point

For Racing Point, Sergio Pérez is the first on Wednesday morning and teammate Lance Stroll is allowed in the afternoon. Pérez will board on Thursday and Stroll will be back on Friday.

Alfa Romeo

Reserve driver Robert Kubica kicks off for Alfa Romeo on Wednesday morning, Antonio Giovanazzi makes his first meters in the afternoon. Kimi Räikkönen will appear in the car on Thursday and teammate Giovanazzi will return on Friday.


Kevin Magnussen will start the game on Wednesday for the Haas team. On Thursday Romain Grosjean enters the VF-20 and on Friday both drivers will ride: Magnussen in the morning, Grosjean in the afternoon.


George Russell enters the FW43 on Wednesday morning. Rookie Nicolas Latifi makes his first meters in the new car on Wednesday afternoon. Russell appears in the car again Thursday and Latifi Friday.

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Line-up test week 2


Carlos Sainz kicks off the second test week for McLaren on Wednesday morning. Lando Norris enters the MCL35 on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. Sainz appears in the car again on Friday.


Romain Grosjean drives on Wednesday and Kevin Magnussen on Thursday. Both drivers get in the car on Friday: Grosjean in the morning, Magnussen in the afternoon.

With Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, Renault, Alpha Tauri, Racing Point, Alfa Romeo and Williams and is the line up not yet known for the second test week.

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