Over 800 Syrian refugees returned to the homeland in the past 24 hours



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The Center for Reception, Distribution and Accommodation of Refugees in Syria has announced that more than 800 refugees have returned to their homeland during the past 24 hours.

Moscow – Sputnik. The Center said in a media bulletin on this matter on the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense: “During the past 24 hours, 836 refugees returned to the Syrian Arab Republic from the territories of foreign countries, including 202 refugees (60 women and 103 children) from Lebanon through the new crossings of Yabus and Tal Kalakh in addition to 634 people (190 women and 323 children) returned from Jordan through the Naseeb crossing.

The center also mentioned the return of 3 displaced people during the past 24 hours to their permanent places of residence within the country.

During the last 24 hours, the sub-units of the Syrian Arab Army’s Military Engineering Corps carried out the clearance of lands and objects on an area of ​​1.9 hectares in Damascus and Zumrin (Daraa countryside), in addition to the experts discovering and destroying 27 explosive devices.


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