Opportunity and theft of people under the pretext of corona testing and help to prevent coronavirus + Photos



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Home robberies under the pretext of a Corona test have raised concerns among Iranian citizens.

According to Sputnik, many profiteers are exploiting the situation in Iran, and as it becomes more difficult for people to provide health items such as masks and gloves, they make profits and monetize their sale at a multiple price. On the other hand, there are also rumors of fraudulent cyberbullying. These people, dressed in masks, gloves and gloves, come to the homes with a fake letter from the Ministry of Health, using a fake letter from the Ministry of Health to anesthetize residents and rob them of precious valuables.

This has raised concerns and deprived the people of their relative peace. A video of one of the neighborhoods in Ahwaz, where residents witnessed the incident, is also being released online, and said that after seeing these people, police and police were seen taking initial steps to arrest them and prevent them from continuing their activities.

Users criticize the country’s situation, the inefficiency of the government and the activities of the beneficiaries as a reason to raise concern and fear of the Corona virus. These users believe that people should stay home instead of traveling to protect themselves against the disease and to prevent theft and theft by such tricks. Some users say the problem is that the law is robbery and that there is no crime classification for abuse and opportunism. Collectively, while expressing regret and concern, they hope that such scams will be taken seriously.


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