Opinion: economic and commercial cooperation between Spain and Russia progresses steadily


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Relations between Spain and Russia are moving forward, said the head of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Moscow, Alicia Varela Donoso, during an information session organized by the entity for Russian media on the occasion of the 27th international fair of Prodexpo food.

Pablo Martínez Segrelles, economic and commercial advisor, and Alicia Varela Donoso, the chief advisor of the Office, commented on Spain’s participation in Prodexpo 2020, noting that their country has taken part in all editions of the main food fair in Russia that Moscow has been organized for 26 years.

They also presented their vision about the state and the prospects of economic and commercial exchanges between our two countries as a whole.
The guests of the event, in addition to receiving answers to all their questions, were able to savor some of the products of the Spanish companies, participants of the Prodexpo fair.
At the end of the activity, Alicia Varela granted an interview to Radio Sputnik in which she congratulated herself on the fact that on this occasion Spain was represented at the Prodexpo fair by 39 companies “which represents 30 percent more than last year”.

The Chief Counsel of the Economic and Commercial Office was pleased that once the Russian embargo was imposed on some food products from European Union countries in response to sanctions against Russia in 2014, Spain could endure the challenge caused by that situation.
“Following the imposition of embargo (by Russia) the countries of southern Europe were very affected and our figure, for example, of export to Russia was affected as 12 percent, but then, little by little it has has been recovering only with the sectors that can be exported. Broadly speaking they would be olives, oil, wine, juices and canned vegetables. But above all the first three, we have seen that they have had a very good behavior these years “, explained.

Since Russia “was a very important market for Spanish companies,” some have chosen to implant themselves in the market using each “the formula that seems most appropriate,” said Alicia Varela on the success with which several mixed companies operate in this country. Russian-Spanish.

He cited as an example the case of ham production, because “hams very similar to those in Spain are already being produced here with some formulas, a ham drying technique and similar spices.”
The chief advisor highly appreciated the treatment of Spanish companies that want to settle in this market from the Russian authorities.
“It is really impressive how comfortable they feel, they speak phenomenally of the local authorities, as they listen to them, they facilitate their implementation, but also if any challenge arises in their commercial future they always have a window to go to, normally the governors listen very interested , they try to intercede for them before the corresponding authority, and they are frankly happy, “he said about Spanish companies seeking to do business in Russia.

These and other topics Alicia Varela commented in more detail in this edition of the “Hoy con nosotros” program.

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Alicia Vera and Pablo Martínez during the briefing


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