Onnum Onnum Moonu Rimi Tomy: Sayonora has a 15 year relationship with the imagination; Rimi, I don’t have that! – Bigg boss in discussion of becoming captaincy rejith kumar


Sayanora and Rimi Tomy are two well known singers of Malayalees. If Zionora is a singer who is fascinated by her diverse singing style, Rimi Tommy is a star who has recently made a mark in acting and singing. Fans have taken up the conversation between Zionora and Rimi, who came as a guest on Nothing.

Actress Bhavana talks about her friends and Sayanora talks about her friendship. Of Sayonora, Bhavana, Mridula, Shafna and Shilpa

Sayonara replied by taking Rimi’s words that it is impossible to talk about the famous front ship gang.

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Sayanora says that she has a relationship of ten to fifteen years with the imagination, and that is the relationship she has had since she went on a trip. You should call at least once a week. If not, it will be a problem, ”he said. Rimi Tommy says that your friendship still surprises you, but that he has no such friendship.

As soon as I heard Rimi’s words, Zionora asked who I was. This caused laughter between the two. Rimi also tells Zionora that it is great to have friends who share everything.

Bigg boss in discussion of becoming captaincy rejith kumar

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