On February 6, football subsides in tribute to Babyboy’s Baby


The Manchester United website forgot the red this morning. The color is black.

The watch – this awful but at the same time glorious symbol of an unforgettable team – is viewed from the page of one of the most popular clubs in the world.

The arrows were frozen at that damn hour …

It all ended at 3.04 pm, on a cold February day in Munich. Death tore the Manchester Flowers. Thus, they are immortalized by a poster that hangs on every match from the stands of Old Trafford today. They are also called Babyboy Babies.


On February 6, 1958, the horror of a frozen runway in Germany claimed the lives of 8 players from a young and terribly talented United team.

A team with a gleam in the eye, ambition, already gained success and a look into future victories and buy. Champions of England, a factor in Europe, the backbone of the English national team.

Seven of them died on the spot after the plane failed to take off from the runway and crashed into a nearby building. Jeff Bent, Roger Byrne, Eddie Coleman, Mark Jones, David Peg, Tommy Taylor, Liam Whelan – they stayed there at Munich Airport.

The eighth – Duncan Edwards, has been fighting for 15 days for his life, but on February 21, he dies in a hospital in the city. There are 23 victims in total, including journalists, coaches, etc.

Survives are Bobby Charlton, who is written to continue their cause for glory. Also surviving is the great goalkeeper Harry Greg, who removed the corpses and bodies of the living, saving at least 3-4 lives.

The spirit of Manchester United also survives.

For him, they sing to Old Trafford that he never dies. The babies are gone, but the legend remains to this day.

The world is overwhelmed by the tragedy that comes nearly a decade after the Grande Torino plane crash (1949) – another big team that is stopped not by fierce rivals but by fate and death.

On February 6, 1958, the backbone of the English national team, as well as the strongest team in the country at that time, went away.

The mood in Manchester is special that day. The city mourns the victims. Not only the club, but the rivals – even the most intransigent like Manchester City and Liverpool, pay tribute to the victims. In those days, rivalry is in the background.

There is a memorial plaque at Old Trafford Stadium, a tunnel under the arena of the arena is called “Munich”, and inside they are shaking with photos, newspaper clippings and memories. There will be a modest and brief service this afternoon, with hundreds of fans coming to the stadium.

62 years later, the memory of Babyboy Baby comes to life again on a different footballing date. Today, no United supporters will grumble against poor results, Igalo’s transfer or why this or that left back …

There will be no dispute over a mug of beer for this or not the manager Ole Solskyar.

Today is a day of honor. Football shakes its head.



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