Offer to close schools until after the New Year holidays


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The head of the Majlis Health Commission announced the closure of schools and universities until April 5 next year.

According to Sputnik, Ali Nobakht Haghighi said: The three-hour meeting was attended by Deputy Ministers of Health, Medicines and Parliamentary Affairs, Minister of Health, Head of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and a group of members of Parliament’s specialized committees. .

Hoqebi Haqiqi announced the appointment of five members of the Health Commission to join the Corona Virus Campaign and added: Names of Behrouz Bonyadi, Kashmiri Representative, Homayoun Yousefi, Ahwaz Representative, Seyyed Morteza Khatami Mahneshan Representative, Mohammad Hossein Ghorbani, Astana Ashrafieh Representative, and Haidar Ashrafieh Isfahan’s people’s representative Abedi was told by the Ministry of Health to be present at the headquarters meetings; no doubt this would create cohesion, unity, sympathy and synergy.

Mirzadeh, a spokesman for the Parliamentary Education Commission, said the issue of closing schools and universities until April 5 was agreed, and it was agreed that the proposal would be announced to the Speaker of Parliament. If the courier were removed, pollution would be reduced.

People’s representatives in Tehran, Ray, Shemiranat, Islamshahr and Pardis in the 10th Majlis also said that the meeting also raised the issue of parliamentary closure but was not considered medically appropriate and was intended to be carried out at the entrances of the Majlis so that representatives and staff who were suspected In Corona they are referred to medical centers.


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