Ocon enjoys his Renault: “Never driven in such a fast car”


At Renault, Esteban Ocon drives the R.S.20 this season. The first impression of a French-made car is very positive, he says to, among other things RacingNews365. “It is unprecedented how much grip there is already during the first test week. On the first day we were already a few hours faster than during the first test day last season. I have never felt the amount of grip before.”

And that while the Frenchman was allowed to finish his laps during various test days throughout the year in the champion car, the Mercedes W10. Nonetheless, Ocon is very impressed with his current Renault RS20: “I don’t think I ever drove so fast here on the Barcelona circuit. In some corners, the car feels so good. It’s very nice, especially knowing that it will only go faster this season. ”

Is he taking it so easy during the test weeks and avoiding any risk? “No, you always have to go all the way. I talked to Cyril Abiteboul and Alain Prost and the other team members. It’s important that we just take risks and push the car to have good references and the best data to be able to collect. You must always push. Hopefully we will not make any mistakes, “says Ocon.

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